Wednesday August 17 , 2022
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The range of products includes different types of:

  • steel gratings for horizontal and vertical applications
  • fences
  • wire products
  • doors
  • automation for opening systems
  • rubber flooring

Our products are manufactured  according to the highest European norms.

The quality of our products (Steel Grating & Fence) is the result of a long experience in the steel field by using the most advanced technology in the electrofusing process and steel finishing treatment.

The advanced electrofusion techniques result in the total fusion of the two grating components: the bearing bar (flat) and the cross bar (round or twisted square). This is achieved in a single stage using concentrated pressure in each welding area without additional welding material.

All framing bars are welded on using electronic framing machines. Hot-dip galvanizing treatment, made according to EN 1461/99 norms ensures durability and protection of gratings and fences from all kind of environmental effects, rust and corrosion.

Colour coating process is made by using thermo-setting resins on hot-dip galvanized materials, thus conferring on our products further quality and life expectancy. The sophisticated coating cycle includes twelve stages including zinc salts phospatization. This results in maximum adhesion to the substrate.

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