Tuesday December 06 , 2022
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1.    Measurements

Expert Bulgaria is prepared and equipped to take complete site measurements for any kind of projects and ready to offer different types of solutions to fit the client’s demands and requirements.

2.    Drawing

Expert Bulgaria prepares detailed drawings fit with the architectural designs and plans for the project in according with specifications provided by the architect.
Draw rough and detailed scale plans for foundations and structures based on preliminary concepts, sketches, engineering calculations, specification sheets and other data.

Lay-out and plan for fabrication, using computer-assisted drafting (CAD) equipment and software.

Supervise, coordinate and inspect the work of draftspersons, technicians and technologists on construction projects.

Prepare cost estimates, contracts, bidding documents and technical reports for specific projects under an architect's supervision.



3.    Fabrication

Expert Bulgaria determines procedures and instructions for the fabrication of the project elements according to shop drawings specifications and quantities plus calculating the schedule for the fabrication.


4.    Delivery

Expert Bulgaria ensures timely and accurate dispatch orders and coordinates with Production Manager the readiness to deliver at site the produced materials on schedule.

The merchandise is packed with product care under the survey of experienced logistics managers and the packaging guarantees the safety delivery locally and from abroad.


5.    Installation

Prior installation of any kind of materials (fences, Exit stairs, steel grating, steel structure and others), Expert Bulgaria makes sure that the site is prepared and equipped with the proper space for storage and handling machines to conduct a smooth installation without any obstacle and in schedule.


6.    Site surveying

During the installation process, all the installation steps are made under the supervision of Expert Bulgaria’s engineers and site manager to insure a correct performance and safe results on schedule.


7.    Warranty and after sales services

With the implementation of the European measures for safety and materials quality, Expert Bulgaria is working specifically under this norms and regulations to obtain the best quality products to satisfy client’s requirements and to reply on any requests and clarification during and after project compilation.







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